Hands-Free Dog Leash

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Jogging/Hands-Free Leash – amzn.to/3sQQdPc

It took me several nights & way too much persuading to get Dan to test this new leash… and now it’s his favorite!! Adjust to fit your waist once & it’s ready to quickly clip on, connect to your dogs collar & you’re out the door!

Melo showing off her new gear at the Saturday Market.

One of the best features of this leash is it’s two handles, giving you ultimate control over your doggo! The leashes two handles allow you to draw your pup closer to you if you suddenly approach an unknown dog, or need some extra control when passing other walkers.

So nice to have your hands free when walking, jogging, etc!

You also have the option to go completely hands-free with the waist clip that has a safety lock… you’ll have no worries about the leash coming disconnected when you’re out with your pup.

“Look mom, no hands!!”

The leash includes a detachable pocket where you can stash your poo-bags, some extra treats, or even your phone or keys while out with your pup. The attached belt loop is a convenient place to clip your house keys so you’re not having to search for them once you approach your destination.

Showing off his stylish new fanny-pack (with attached dog leash)

The leash itself is high quality, is thick & sturdy, and includes bungee portions which softly retract your pup if they lunge to chase a squirrel or pull away from you. Because of the bungee design, any shock from a sudden tug is absorbed by the leash, instead of by the walker/jogger! It makes your walk so much smoother, especially if your dog is a heavy puller.

We are super happy we found this leash & recommend it to all of our doggy-owning friends. It’s a great leash & definitely worth purchasing!

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Lost Dog Alert Collar Tag – Attention ALL Pet Parents!

Doggy Raincoat – Ridiculously Adorable Doggy Raincoat!

I Bite Racists Bandana – amzn.to/3mnC6OL

No-Pull Training Collar – amzn.to/3dyEspQ

Side-Note: Dan’s cousin who is an avid runner (her & her husband are both marathon runners) has this same leash! She too loves it & recommends it for anyone looking for a great running leash!

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What is Dermaplaning?

Product Featured:

Schick Hydro Silk Razors – amzn.to/3tXWtEM

Dermaplaning… is it just a fancy sounding word for when a woman shaves the little hairs off her face? Is this another TikTok fad, or does it really do something for your skin? Do hairs grow back faster or thicker? I’m sure you’ve got a ton of questions… well, I’ve got answers!!

So… what is dermaplaning? In short, dermaplaning is the process of using a scalpel (or razor) to remove the topmost layer of skin, which typically harbors dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and peach fuzz (aka vellus hairs). When done professionally, dermaplaning provides a deeper exfoliation than shaving at home, but both processes remove dead outer skin cells (via physical exfoliation) and tiny hairs.

Note: If you have sensitive skin, acne, active eczema (or other rashes), dermaplaning is generally not advised.

Benefits of Dermaplaning:

  • Exfoliates and smooths the skin
  • Leaves skin glowing & radiant
  • Skincare can now penetrate deeper
  • Makeup applies smoother and more evenly (seriously—you won’t believe the difference a smooth surface makes!!)
Use the included cover when doing your eyebrows or smaller, more detailed areas

To address the question of whether your hair will grow back darker, thicker, or faster because of shaving? The short answer is no. When you shave, you are not changing the follicle of the hair (the hair follicle sits well below the surface of your skin).

I’ve tried several at-home dermaplaning razors (both electric & disposable) and have found the best ones are from Schick. These disposable razors are inexpensive & can be used to quickly shape eyebrows, and remove fine hairs from the face. While removing those pesky little hairs, you’re also gently exfoliating your skin. The set from Schick includes 3 razors and 1 cover (it attaches to the blade to shorten the blade’s length for eyebrow shaping).

If you are going to try dermaplaning for your first time, follow these steps for a great result:

  • Wash your face & make sure it is completely dry
  • Pull skin tight & gently glide (very little pressure is needed) the razor downward at 45° angle against the skin in small strokes (in the direction of hair growth)
  • Try not to go over the same area more than necessary
  • Avoid the hairline, eyelids, and sides of nose.
  • When shaping eyebrows, use the blade cover attachment (it will shorten the length of the blade & protect your lashes!)
  • Afterwards, wash & tone face… then apply a hydrating serum & moisturizer (if going outside, make sure you apply a SPF to protect the newly exfoliated skin!)
  • These blades can be used multiple times. I purchase new ones every 6 months (I dermaplane 2-3 times per month)
  • Always clean the blades with alcohol & store them with protective cover on the blade
You can see the peach-fuzz & dead skin cells that are removed—this was just from my cheeks!!

Additional Product Recommendations:

Anti-Aging Resurfacing Cleanser – amzn.to/3cq3B70

Hydrating Serum – amzn.to/39lTNJ4

Hydra-Repair Super Moisturizer – amzn.to/31sayhI

Pro Tip: If you’re a dermaplaning pro & looking to boost your at-home process, after shaving, apply an AHA or enzyme peel for deeper exfoliation, then follow with serum and moisturizer. My favorite is Pineapple Pumpkin Enzyme Peel (or grab the Custom Sample Kit, if you have specific skin concerns!).

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Waterproof Doggo Booties

Product Featured:

Waterproof Dog Boots – amzn.to/2O0M8Z4

I’ve been on a little doggy footwear kick lately (see what I did there?!?) so thought I would round-out the doggy footwear category of product reviews with Waterproof Dog Boots!

Melo is such a good sport, and generally allows us to dress her up in most anything. She actually ended up loving her doggy socks (she loves being warm—sitting right next to the heater) & falls asleep while wearing them!

Fast asleep in front of “Harry the Heater” in her doggy socks!

The doggy socks are more of an inside item though, and are really great for older pups with arthritis/joint issues, as they give dogs that extra traction needed on hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors.

To get used to the dog boots, we opted for shorter bursts of time wearing the boots, and lots of positive reinforcement (both verbally & with her favorite thing: treats). To get the boots on her in the first place, I found that the easiest way was to quickly strap them on as she was eating her breakfast or dinner. She is so food motivated, she had no idea what I was up to the first few times!

The only issue she seemed to have was the way she was planting her front feet. The boots are designed so that the rubber sole sits against the pad of the paw, so until she got used to the boots she was turning her foot out funny. After testing them inside for 10 minutes or so, she was ready to take on the outdoors!

These boots are perfect for those needing a thick sole for paw protection. There is no way your doggos paws will get cold, even on the snowiest of winter evenings! These have strong stitching & thick waterproof fabric to protect paws & pads from the elements. They also have two straps around the ankles which keep the boots from falling down while walking.

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Attention ALL Pet Parents!

Product Featured:

Spot LED Digital ID Tag – https://amzn.to/3lMsnRM

I recently went through an exhaustive 75 day search for one of my best friends dogs… 75 long, exhausting, tortuous days. I finally found Rue after being alerted to a dog that had been posted on a shelter website by an amazing stranger on Facebook. During the search, I joined 30+ Facebook groups, created a Facebook page so that I could post paid advertising, paid for several websites subscriptions devoted to finding lost pets, and scanned through thousands of shelter photos. Rue was microchipped, but even with that she still needed to end up in a shelter for her chip to be scanned and her owner to be contacted.

After 75 excruciating days I was finally able to locate Roxy Rue!!

I thought about our own fur-baby:

Melo has gotten off her leash a hand-full of times. Each of those times has ended in us being able to track her down within a few hours… but was there an easier way than driving up & down neighborhood streets screaming out her name? There has to be!!

I researched tracking collars and found that either you were forced into purchasing a very expensive collar, or a less expensive collar but were required to purchase a monthly subscription for the collar to function.

Until I came across this product:

Energizer Spot LED Digital ID Tag

This is the coolest product… and the price is amazing (plus NO subscription fees & no app to download)! The basic concept behind this product is that you register the tag on the website, complete your pets profile, & then hook the tag onto your pets collar.

If your pet is found, the back of your pets tag directs the person to either scan the tags QR code, or access your pets profile by entering the tags code on the website. Once the profile is accessed, the owner receives an email showing the geolocation of where the tag was scanned (& *hopefully* a call from whomever found your pet follows shortly thereafter!).

What an AMAZING product! Such a simple concept… using existing mobile phone technology & there’s no crazy subscription fees!!

You can also press (it is fairly hard to press, so your pet cannot accidentally turn the light on/off) the tag to light up the internal LED. The tag will then light up either solid or flash on/off (tag is available in either pink or orange).

When LED light is illuminated, tag is visible up to 1/2 mile away! The battery is long-lasting & replaceable.

When you create your pets profile, you can enter a ton of helpful info about your pet & yourself, making it extremely easy for anyone who finds your pet to contact you or your veterinarian.

After your tag is set-up, when the QR code is scanned (or the code is entered on the SpotLEDTag website), you’re directed to your pets online profile.

I feel like these tags should be WIDELY available at veterinarian offices & provided to every new pet owner when adopting a pet! This is such an ingenious idea—and could save so many of us so much heartache and worry. If you’ve ever been in the types of situations I discussed earlier, you understand this kind of stress.

I absolutely recommend grabbing a tag for each of your pets (& one for each collar if you use multiple). You won’t regret this purchase!

Miss Melo proudly wearing her Spot LED Tag

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Eufy Home Security

Products Featured:

Eufy Doorbell Camera – Link to Eufy

Eufy 2C Outdoor Camera – Link to Eufy

After some recent issues near our home, and changes in work Dan’s schedule, I had to quickly become an expert in home security solutions. Our first purchase was a doorbell camera. I had seen a bunch of my friends post screenshots of their doorbell cameras, so I assumed the brand I originally chose was going to work great for our situation. I selected a very well known brand (hint: it rhymes with ping lol).

During the installation process however, I found some rather disturbing things in the fine print: a monthly subscription was required to download/access the videos, and police could access any of my recorded files, without a warrant. I found this second issue extremely disturbing & a huge breach of privacy! I immediately returned the doorbell & decided that I really needed to do some better research before making another purchase.

Article discussing the partnership between police departments & Amazon’s Ring Doorbell.
Link to read more: Police Can Get Your Ring Doorbell Footage Without Warrant

After reading review after review & comparing various stats on a ton of cameras, I found that the Eufy 2C outdoor cameras (I opted for the battery powered units versus the wired option) were the best fit for our home. The battery version can actually operate on a single charge for 6 months (based on average use).

The Eufy 2C 2-Cam Kit (linked here) comes with two outdoor cameras & a homebase (this is what you keep inside the home—it communicates with each camera you connect & it plugs in directly to your internet router). Regardless of the camera system that you purchase from Eufy, you will need one homebase, which can support up to four cameras (or any combination of outdoor, indoor, doorbell cameras, or motion detectors).

The Eufy app showing you the view of our outdoor cameras (version 2C).

The second type of camera I purchased was a Eufy Doorbell camera (we opted again for the battery version). As we already had the 2C Kit with a homebase, I was able to purchase the Doorbell as an “add-on” camera instead of having to purchase the Doorbell with its own homebase (yay for saving money!!). I also set up the Eufy Doorbell camera to our existing Alexa. This way Alexa works as the Doorbell’s chime when someone presses the button on the doorbell (instead of having to use the separate chime & taking up an unnecessary electrical socket).

The Eufy cameras give you so many options. You can set them up to record all motion, only people, change the sensitivity, trigger the 2C cameras spotlight at night or use infrared, set the activity zone where you want to capture motion, and you also have the option to snooze the alerts (it will still record, just not play an alert sound). All recordings can be saved on the homebase & no subscription is required (there is the option to save to the cloud, but again, you open yourself to privacy concerns & subscription fees, something I wanted to avoid at all costs!).

Another feature I found was that you can set up any of the cameras (or Eufy’s motion detectors) as triggers for one another (so long as the cameras/motion detectors are using the same homebase). This means that you can tell your cameras that if (for example) they sense motion on camera one, to start recording on camera 2… or if your motion detectors picks up motion on camera 2, to start recording on your doorbell camera, etc!

Setting up automation/triggers for each of the cameras (can also use with Eufy’s motion detectors as triggers for the cameras).

You also have several options for how the system performs based on where you are in relation to your home (home vs away), or if you want the system to watch your property differently based on the time of day (schedule), or your proximity to the home (geofencing). For example, you may want to record all motion when you are away from the house, but only get alerts/recordings when a person triggers the cameras when you are home.

You can set up three activity zones per camera to capture only the areas you want to trigger a video recording.

You can easily connect all of the cameras to your existing Alexa, and can then say “Alexa, show me the Doorbell” which will show you what is currently happening on the specified camera. Set up is so easy, and Eufy has a ton of how-to videos that walk you step by step through the entire process (and if you get into a bind, their customer service is top notch!).

Another great feature, if you have an Apple Watch is that you can view the Eufy app from your watch, and get a push alert of any triggers to your watch with an alert & a screenshot of what is happening!

Eufy also has a bunch of other home security solutions in addition to their cameras: door locks (using passcode or fingerprint), floodlight cameras, baby monitors, complete home security kits, entry and motion sensors, and even automatic pet care water fountains!

I am so happy I found Eufy & hope you find my experience helpful in your search as well! Make sure you comment & subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss my future reviews & recommendations!

Eufy 2C outdoor camera capturing the back of our house & our vehicles.
Eufy 2C outdoor camera capturing the front of our house & front door stoop.
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