Lily vs Ziggy Cup Review!

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I purchased the Intima Lily Cup a while back, after taking an online quiz ( for those who want to run far away from tampons, pads, all that! Based on the recommendation of the online quiz (it asks questions like: is your cervix high or low, have you had children, if you’ve had children was it a vaginal birth or cesarean), I selected the Lily Cup (Size A) as my first foray into the land of menstrual cups.

I loved the Lily Cup, but had one issue: painful insertion because of my long AF nails!! I did some research (via YouTube, obvi) and was recommended to try the Ziggy Cup. It’s called a “Cup”, but it’s really a Disc… and it’s magic!

Absolutely zero pain on insertion, no leaks (I did have to watch a how to video on YouTube because it’s so different than the Lily)… I’m in love! The best part?? These bad boys last 10+ years!!! A one-time purchase rather than throwing money away on tampons, pads, liners. Oh & goodbye to all those chemicals they apply on said feminine products!

I want to shout this from the rooftops! I am a Ziggy Cup convert, that’s for sure. Comment if you’ve tried the Lily or the Ziggy… and what you thought!

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